Interior residential painting starts with preparing the surface and surroundings. From removing pictures and moving furniture to patching sheet rock and filling nail holes, our attention to detail makes sure your home gets the best paint finish available.


Decorative cornices, accent walls and faux finishes require special preparation and attention.  Our skilled painters will make those decorative areas the focal point your room calls for.

Doors & Baseboards

Doors and baseboards add the finishing touches to any room. We take care of crown molding, door and window trim and baseboard painting.  Caulking and patching holes and cracks before paint is applied insures the finished job will look like new

Staining & Refinishing

Enhance the wood finish of your room with new staining or refinishing. Maybe the color scheme has changed and the wood finish doesn’t tie blend as well. Keith Painting can give the wood a new finish.


Tired of the old cabinets? Let us help you give those old cabinets a fresh, new look.




Exterior walls require lots of preparation before the paint goes on. At Keith Painting, we pressure wash the walls and facia, patch cracked stucco and cover anything that doesn’t get painted. We apply premium quality paint to both the walls, facia and trim, so your home looks fresh and new.


As the deck takes the day to day pounding from the weather, a fresh finish keeps your home looking new. From pressure washing to applying a protective coating, Keith Painting will preserve your relaxing outdoor space.


Like decks, fences also take a beating from the weather. Whether it’s stucco or wood, over time your fence will need freshening up.


Exposed wood deteriorates was water penetrates the surface. Adding a water proof coating will extend the life of those of your exterior.

pressure Washing

The quality of the paint used on the exterior of your house won’t make a difference if the surface being painted is clean and ready. Pressure washing removes old, flaking paint as well as dirt and grime that will prevent the paint from adhering as well and reduce the life of the paint.

Look Forward To Working With Them Again

My husband Robert K. and I are delighted to have this opportunity to update the excellent experience we had with the Keith Brothers, Alex & Daniel, who completed the work on January 27, 2016. I discovered Keith Painting, Inc. after doing an extensive search on the internet for a reputable company to replace the shingles on the entire front of our home and repaint the whole exterior. Not only did they meet that qualification, I found the Keith brothers to be extremely professional, honest and reliable. The family-owned company was founded by their Father in 1953. The best review of their work is on Angie’s List, where a dozen members all give them A ratings, including me.

Our “Birdhouse” home was built in 1959 by real estate developer William Mellenthin who was known for designing charming ranch-style homes with gorgeous, wood beam, cathedral ceilings. Having owned our home since 1991, the last time we had the exterior painted was November 1993; unfortunately the 1994 Northridge earthquake damaged the stucco and as a result we neglected upkeep of the exterior. Thus, our home needed substantial prep work, including the replacement of old, warped, half-torn, over-painted shingles. Because we wanted colors to reflect the Craftsman-style architecture of our home, we were unsure about what to choose and didn’t decide until the day that the prepping began! Daniel confidently showed up with Sherwin-Williams custom paint charts and recommended the ideal colors for our taste.

Please view the attached photos to see the superior work replacing and staining the cedar shingles, as well as repairing the extensive wood trim–eaves, fascia, shutters–to look new. The prep work was meticulous. The lead crewman, Miguel (or Michael)–who’s been employed by the Keith family for 25 years–did superior work in power-washing, repairing the stucco and in such details as painting the 15 windows and French doors perfectly. It took 2 weeks of intensive, 8-hour days to complete the job. After learning of Miguel’s extensive experience staining interior woodwork–and with the Keith Bros. approval–we hired Miguel later in the year to stain and finish the inside of windows, French doors, and other woodwork to match the interior wood of our home. Another perfect job well done!

In closing, from the moment we met Daniel when he came over to give us an estimate, we’ve had a very good feeling about the integrity and ability of Keith Painting. They provide excellent work with attention to detail and top quality products, along with great customer service. What we appreciated the most was their attitude that they would do whatever it took to make sure we were satisfied. We look forward to working with them again.

Marianne D.

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